Q3 2021: AIX Investment Group Aced the Third Quarter

Multilingual Experience

Our diverse team of experienced Financial Advisors collectively speak over 20 international languages, and we reach our customers beyond our borders in their own language. The multilingual experience has helped us to extensively expand our reach.

Board Advisor’s Leadership Talk

AIX Investment Group Aced the Third Quarter

Having a strategy and being able to execute it, especially in times of great uncertainty, is a different ball game! We are pleased that our long-term strategy continues to be an effective framework to allocate capital and chart our path forward. Since the start of 2021, we have produced meaningful and tangible progress in each of our divisions, working in synergy with our partners, with one main objective, to deliver on our commitment.

We continue to experience the impact of the pandemic in many areas of our daily lives, including our business. Despite global uncertainty, changes in work routines, and the demands of new protocols, our team has continued to embrace change in this third quarter of 2021. They have continuously shown tremendous resilience, responsibility and resolve to support one another, our customers, our communities, our partners, and in doing so, have served our shareholders. And for this, we are proud of them.

In this past quarter, we delivered exceptional financial performance. Our firm continued to maintain a strong economic position and liquidity, with a strong balance sheet and a healthy credit profile for future capital deployment, including steady returns to shareholders. While the pandemic has crippled many industries and companies, our unique operational model has continued to thrive by providing the essential intelligence needed by our clients to navigate this period of heightened uncertainty.

On a different front, two new milestones were reached this quarter. AIX investment Group was recently the proud recipient of another global award for this year — the Annual GBO Award for the Fastest Growing Financial Advisory Firm in the UAE. In September 2021, we crossed 2400 portfolios under our management, an increase of 240% from the last figure back in 2019. From a licensing perspective, as part of our expansion strategy, we added, two Fintech licenses, to our existing licenses — one from DIFC and one from DMCC.

Aligned with our corporate social responsibility to promote sports in the region, we just signed with former Real Madrid players and legends, Iker Casillas and Michel Salgado, as the lead sponsor of their football training clubs in Dubai.

As challenging as last year was, it also offered glimpses of inspiration — how we can come together to do great things. While our collective efforts have delivered a strong third quarter, the effects of the prolonged crisis are far from over. We encourage you all to remain vigilant and to continue to keep health and safety a priority, especially as governments start to relax restrictions. We must remain alert against the spread of the pandemic as we move forward.

With a rebound in the global economy expected this year, normalization across sectors and with our great team, AIX Investment Group is in an excellent position to lead from the front, as success comes to those who know how to take advantage of the economic downturn to reposition themselves. Owing to our collective effort, we can proudly say, the battle has not been won, but today we are leading at the frontline.

Global Business Outlook Awards

The Fastest Growing Financial Advisory Firm in the UAE, 2021

We take pride in announcing that we were named the “Fastest Growing Financial Advisory Firm” at the Annual GBO Awards, 2021. Global Business Outlook is a UK-based publication dedicated to covering vital industry sectors. They are the leading information provider on critical events and developments in the world of business.

This achievement was possible by the strong commitment of our team and our aspiration to grow, and to take advantage of the economic downturns to reposition ourselves.

Global Economic Outlook

Q3 2021

Gold (XAU/USD): -2%
Silver (XAG/USD): -18%
Bitcoin (BTC): +26%
Ethereum (ETC): +36%

Quarter in review — A Sigh of Relief
Global markets have picked up as productivity and trade continue to recover strongly. Most major economies are back at pre-pandemic GDP levels, and the global investment outlook continues to be strong heading into the last quarter of the year. Traditionally, we see asset prices increase, as investment sentiment heats up in Q4. This reflects in the rising price of assets such as property, which is back at its 2019 levels in Dubai, and Digital Assets, where most majors are at or approaching all-time highs, recovering from the Q2 slowdown.

The start of the second half of the year frightened investors, with the Delta-Variant threatening a summer of choppy recovery. But, these fears were calmed as vaccines remained effective and economies continued to show steady recoveries. Global economic fundamentals remain strong; individual and corporate savings are up year on year, despite higher consumer expenditures and capital expenditures. such as real estate, continue a sharp turnaround, as demand for hedging assets increases.

Dubai Exceeds Expectations in Quarter Three
While many countries began to explore reopening their borders and implemented strategies to restimulate their economies, Dubai was completing its preparations to play host on the global stage during EXPO 2021. The exemplary crisis management shown by the government of the UAE resulted in the highest percentage of vaccinations per capita worldwide allowing the country to deal with the repercussions of the pandemic more swiftly than any other nation. Dubai is thriving and ready to welcome the world in quarter four. The result of this is already visible, as the real estate markets have returned to pre-covid levels. The demand for Dubai properties increased sharply, specifically in the off-plan sector where developers are providing investors with lucrative investment opportunities. AIX is proud to have assisted numerous investors in purchasing their own properties by providing detailed financial plans to assist with property payment plans through investment returns. Our investors are enjoying significant returns as their assets appreciate, and we continue to assist them in navigating the global economic markets and provide them with consistent returns.

“Preparation for various regional events,
such as Expo in the UAE and the World Cup 2022
in Qatar, an easing of regional tensions, and
spending by the Saudi Public Investment Fund
(PIF) will also support growth” — ICAEW

Investing in the Future
As the world begins growing again and global trade and supply chains are being reactivated and expanded, the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize global business is back at the forefront of many investor’s minds. We have seen an almost doubling in the global digital asset market cap this quarter and blockchain adoption on an institutional level is exponentially accelerating. Many major financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase have now launched their own blockchains, and almost all fund managers are now offering their investors some exposure to digital assets.

We focus on investing in forward-thinking industries such as supply-chain blockchains and leverage our experience in identifying and anticipating future trends to provide our investors with consistently above-average returns. The achievements of this quarter add to our already impressive history of helping our investors achieve their financial objectives so they can focus on what matters to them most in life as we help them grow their wealth sustainably.

AIX Investment Group is the Lead Sponsor of Iker Casillas
Academy and Fursan Hispania FC

AIX Investment Group is proud to be the lead sponsor of Iker Casillas Academy’s first-ever goalkeeper training centre in Dubai and legendary football player Michel Salgado’s football academy, Fursan Hispania FC. This sponsorship is part of AIX Investment Group’s corporate social responsibility initiative, to grow and strengthen the local sports community, and participate in uniting communities through the worldwide sport of football.

Bringing the World Together — Dubai Expo 2020

Fireworks lit up the sky of Dubai on 27th November 2013, and people across the UAE celebrated winning the first-ever World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. Dubai is all set to host a colossal event with over 180 countries participating in it. Dubai Expo 2020 is a playing field to establish connections, bring investment, collaborate with the international communities, evaluate global challenges and generate solutions for a better future.

Dubai Expo 2020 will place Dubai on the map with far more prominence than in the past. The United Arab Emirates will have a new, improved international form and stature. Since winning the bid to host the World Expo, Dubai has made considerable investments in growing its infrastructure and investment to fuel business growth.

It is believed that the impact of this event on the UAE’s economy will last in the years to come. The event alone will increase the UAE’s GDP to 6.2billion USD and add up to a 16.9billion USD over time. Ernst and Young reported that from 2013–2031 the event will help create over 49,700 full-time jobs per year. Dubai is expecting 25 million visitors to the United Arab Emirates, and this is said to bring about tremendous economic reform and further support the growth of its economy.

The UAE’s socio-political stability, phenomenal infrastructure and multi-cultural society lure buyers to invest in real estate. The real estate market has a 9.8billion USD investment so far this year, a whopping 44% increase from last year. The FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in 2020 was 24.7billion AED, and it continues to increase.

The UAE will make history with the Dubai Expo 2020, economic changes, phenomenal infrastructure, business demand, foreign investors and sustainable business development are only a few benefits to name. There is positive growth being experienced across industries and numerous sectors in Dubai, stimulating a domino effect, and the good news is, it will continue. This colossal event will drive collaboration, innovation and develop solutions as the world economy recovers from the pandemic.

While you are in Dubai to be a part of Dubai Expo 2020, be sure to visit us at our office in Burj Khalifa on the 146th floor. We assure great investment solutions and a panoramic view.

New Fintech Licenses

We recieved two notable Fintech licenses in this quarter from the leading financial hub DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) and the prominent Free Zone and centre of global commodities trading DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre).

Expansion of Our Office

We are one step closer to the opening of our office, located on the 144th floor of Burj Khalifa. The new space will feature a play of natural lighting, plush interiors and a phenomenal view of Dubai. With the final touches in place, we aim to open it at the start of 2022.

For monthly updates and financial guidance be sure to read our features in Gulf News and Khaleej Times.




AIX Investment Group Reviews — International Financial Institution, providing advisory services specialized in Forex, Commodities and Digital Assets.

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AIX Investment Group

AIX Investment Group

AIX Investment Group Reviews — International Financial Institution, providing advisory services specialized in Forex, Commodities and Digital Assets.

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