Q3 2020: AIX Investment Group launched its Real Estate Division — AIX Properties LLC (Newsletter & Reviews)

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5 min readOct 1, 2020


Board Advisor’s Leadership Talk

On September 30th, we released our 2020 Q3 results. This was our second full quarter impacted by covid-19, and though this has certainly been a challenging third quarter of the year, we still delivered strong operational and safety results.

Beside the new normal that is shaping our new lifestyle, the way we communicate and the way we operate — there is a rising concern among populations of an uncertain economical future — what we call a new economical order. Awareness is rapidly changing, and I believe we are on the edge of fundamental reshaping of finance.

There is no denial, we live in a world of uncertainty more then ever before, testament of the same is the flow of organizations and individual investors from all walk and different status, looking at alternative way to generate passive income, for some to sustain a certain lifestyle, for other trying to finance long-term goals like retirement or for those who lost their jobs and wouldn’t want to nibble from their savings. To us it all add up to one equation and as a fiduciary, our responsibility is to help clients navigate this transition and deliver a better future for those who seek our assistance. Rooted by a strong belief of a proper corporate governance and operating under the basis of pragmatism — it doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, but if the cat catches the mouse, that’s what matters. Get the job done. And that’s the culture of our company and how we’ve been successfully operating for more then a decade.

In the occasion, I would like to thank — on my behalf and on behalf of the Board of Directors — our employees for their dedication and commitment during this difficult time. And we would like to tell them “You have all pulled together to deliver impressive results during an especially challenging time and this has not gone unnoticed” this extraordinary circumstances presented us with equally greater opportunities and greater challenges, yet our team has continued to perform at a superior level.

AIX Investment Group Reviews — Global Markets Outlook

In the third quarter of 2020, markets have rallied on hopes for an economic recovery as coronavirus-imposed lockdowns are eased across the globe. The rebound has been helped by oversold investor sentiment, and the sentiment is back to neutral. The market rebound means that value is no longer compelling for global equities or credit. On the other hand, the cycle outlook has improved amid vast fiscal and monetary stimulus and economic reopenings.

In the U.S., the recent historic economic slowdown has been met with an equally extraordinary fiscal and monetary response. Unprecedented stimulus and the potential for a few years of non-inflationary growth suggest investors may earn a larger-than-normal equity risk premium going forward. However, the U.S. still has relatively high coronavirus infection rates, so a second wave is an obvious downside risk to monitor. Meanwhile, the country’s upcoming November federal elections appear too close to call.

Europe’s disadvantage heading into the COVID-19 crisis was its lack of policy ammunition, but the region’s policy response has surprised to the upside. The European Central Bank, for instance, has increased its asset-purchase program by over 12% of GDP (gross domestic product). Europe’s exposure to financials and cyclically-sensitive sectors-such as industrials, materials and energy-gives it the potential to outperform in the second phase of the recovery, when economic activity picks up and yield curves steepen.

In the UK, economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus has been compounded by Brexit negotiations. This has been reflected in the FTSE 100 Index, which has been the worst performer of the major developed stock indices. In the short term, Brexit uncertainty and the slow decline in virus cases may continue to hold the UK market back, but we like the value in the market on a longer-term basis.

China’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis has continued through the third quarter of 2020, with the services sector starting to catch up to the manufacturing sector. The Chinese government has also announced further stimulus measures, including coupons to households to encourage spending, while the People’s Bank of China is making monetary policy more accommodative.

In Japan, fiscal policy has become supportive, with the government recently approving a second stimulus package worth close to 117 trillion yen ($1 trillion U.S. dollars). However, the country’s structural weaknesses in terms of monetary policy and persistent deflation mean it will likely remain an economic laggard relative to other developed economies.

Australia has been successful in containing the coronavirus through a combination of stringent border controls and lockdowns. High household debt levels and a slow growth in wages, however, translate to a cautious consumer — a headwind to the nation’s recovery.

In Canada, high-frequency data, such as credit card transactions, suggests that April marked the cycle trough. Although a full jobs recovery will take time, May’s employment report suggests a gradual recovery is unfolding.


July 2020: +0.3%
August 2020: +3.1%
September 2020: +3.4%

Q3 2020: +6.8%

AIX DYNAMIC is fully managed individual trading account, opened with NOOR Capital and managed by AIX INVESTMENT GROUP. Our team of experienced traders is using several diversified trading strategies and tools, all with intent to minimize risk and maximize profit. In Q3 we vere very active in trading Currencies (EURUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD), Commodities (XAUUSD, XAGUSD) and Digital Assets (BTCUSD, ETHUSD, XRPUSD).

We expect consistent results also in the future.


AIX Investment Group launched its Real Estate Division — AIX Properties LLC in Q3 2020. The launch of the division coincides with its launch of their fourth product — AIX PROPERTY SECURE.

AIX PROPERTY SECURE product allows all Real Estate investors to generate secured annual returns of up to 24%, at pre-established dates — which are then paid towards the acquisition of their Real Estate investments. Both individual and institutional investors have taken advantage of our AIX PROPERTY SECURE product and have acquired properties across the UAE from leading developers.
Using AIX PROPERTY SECURE investment, our clients can take advantage to acquire properties from both off-plan market and the secondary market — at a Discounted price using our structured payment plan.

An investment that is easy, safe and transparent and with our proven track record, it allows us to offer Real Estate investors secured returns while assuming all of the risk ourselves helping them acquire their Real Estate in a safe way. Using the structured payment plans from our AIX PROPERTY SECURE product, investors will not be affected by market conditions and their returns are maximized.

Security for Investors has been the highlight to the success of this product. Investors are well protected via an Undertaking agreement with the Developer, where AIX Investment Group assumes full investment risk by signing the agreement — to irrevocably undertake, accept and guarantee payments directly to Developer.

Congratulations to UAE Team #TDF2020

Congratulations to UAE Team Emirates for winning the 2020 Tour de France, world’s most difficult and prestigious Grand Tour cycling race!

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