Mahra by AIX Investment Group: A Partnership Committed to Elevating the Sport of Polo

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3 min readFeb 20, 2023


AIX Investment Group and Mahra Polo Team formed by Rashid Al Habtoor, join Forces for this years IFZA Gold Cup 2023.

AIX Investment Group has joined forces with Mahra Polo Team to support Mahra by AIX Investment Group polo team, and will be competing in the prestigious IFZA Gold Cup 2023. AIX is proud to announce this patronage that represents a shared commitment to the sport of polo and a desire to promote its growth on a global scale.

The IFZA Gold Cup 2023 is set to kick off on February 15th at Al Habtoor Polo Resort. This highly anticipated tournament is a showcase of the best polo players from around the world and promises to be an unforgettable event. Mahra by AIX Investment polo team consists of some of the most talented and skilled polo players, led by patron Tariq Al Habtoor, Jacinto Amadori, Tomar Albaidi, and Felix Carlos Esain.

A press conference for the tournament was held on the 8th of February at the Abjar Ballroom, Al Habtoor Polo Resort. During the conference, the schedule for the Gold Cup 2023 was announced, giving partners and the media a chance to catch a glimpse of what promises to be a thrilling and action-packed 3 weeks competition.

Speaking of the partnership,Rashid Al Habtoor says, “I am proud to join forces with AIX Investment Group to support Mahra by AIX Investment Group polo team this year. I have been playing polo for over 30 years which has given me the opportunity to meet so many people from all around the world including playing with Royalty . It’s the game of Kings and the King of Games.

With our shared passion for the sport of polo and a commitment to promoting its growth makes this partnership a perfect match. I am confident that our team of talented and skilled players will bring their best to the field and make us all proud.” Rashid Al Habtoor

“We are honored to partner with Rashid Al Habtoor, and his passion for the sport of polo and his commitment to promoting its growth align perfectly with our own goals. With a roster of exceptional players, we are confident that the Mahra polo team will exceed expectations and achieve great success. adds Fadi Dabbagh, the President of the Board from AIX Investment Group.

This partnership represents a milestone in AIX’s efforts to elevate the sport. By sponsoring the Mahra polo team, AIX is bringing together some of the world’s best polo players, who will showcase their skills and athleticism on the field.

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