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2 min readOct 15, 2020

With the aim to pursue transparent business and display the accuracy of the figures we are achieving, we at AIX Investment Group have acquired audit reports from Emirates Chartered Accountants Group. The reports are audited from different trading accounts in different time frames from 2018–2020. The complete trading activity and trading result is proofed from an independent auditor, who is confirming the veracity of published figures.

What is a Financial Statement Audit?

Audit refers to examine and give comments on the items verified. Financial audit implies examination of the books of accounts and other relevant records. This will provide the auditor necessary information to give his opinion whether the accounts are properly maintained and complied with necessary statutory, accounting, or financial reporting and auditing standards.

A financial statement audit is an independent appraisal of the financial statements prepared by the organization. The basic objective of a financial statement audit is to provide an independent or third-party assurance that the management has, in its financial statements, presented a “true and fair” view of a company’s financial performance.

The result of this examination is a report by the auditor, attesting to the fairness of presentation of the financial statements and related disclosures. The auditor’s report must accompany the financial statements when they are issued to the intended recipients or stake holders.

AIX Investment Group Audit Reports

Report 2018

Report 2019

Report 2020

Report September 2020

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