As a part of our brand new global collaboration, members of RC Celta — the La Liga Santander team visited our headquarters in Dubai. Prominent players and official members were present. As the new official sponsor of RC Celta, the purpose of the visit was to reinforce the partnership, discuss our vision and explore new strategies.

Members who were present from RC Celta included midfielder Denis Suàrez, goalkeeper Matías Dituro, Sports Director Felipe Miñambres, Commercial Director Carlos Salvador Herrera, and PR and Communication Director Marco Rocha.

This profound and strategic alliance unfolds a new chapter for both parties. The partnership aligns both, RC Celta and AIX Investment Group for three years by combining the sports strength of the team and the worldwide dedicated financial advisory expertise of our firm.

Global markets have picked up as productivity and trade continue to recover strongly. Most major economies are back at pre-pandemic GDP levels, and the global investment outlook continues to be strong heading into the last quarter of the year. Traditionally, we see asset prices increase, as investment sentiment heats up…

Multilingual Experience

Our diverse team of experienced Financial Advisors collectively speak over 20 international languages, and we reach our customers beyond our borders in their own language. The multilingual experience has helped us to extensively expand our reach.

Board Advisor’s Leadership Talk

AIX Investment Group Aced the Third Quarter


A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that are shared across a network of computers. Once a record is added to the chain, it is impossible to change. There are multiple blocks in a chain, and each block contains several transactions. Each time a new transaction occurs on the…

When you look to the future, you see endless relaxation and living life to the fullest. However, this takes resources and careful planning.

Are you in your Twenties?

At the start of your career, planning for your retirement seems like a distant financial goal that is never your priority. With…

The Entrepreneurial Dash podcast is an essential listen for all SME’s, Start Ups and Entrepreneurs. Master entrepreneur Shailesh Dash provides valuable insights, stories and tips for both budding entrepreneurs and investors alike. In his most recent interview special, Shailesh Dash talks to Harish Prithivi, the Director of Strategy at AIX Investment Group, to discuss the financial services tailored to the various requirements of Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Start-Ups.

This insightful interview will provide listeners with tips on financial planning for both entrepreneurs and expats in the region. The Entrepreneurial Dash is brought to you by and using the links below you can listen to the Podcast.

Watch the webinar here:

Listen to the podcast here:

The principles of intelligent investing encourage investors to follow the smart money. Currently, many markets are at or near all-time highs. Many are regretfully looking back at the missed potential; others are only now beginning to invest in these markets in hopes of catching a continuing trend. …

AIX Investment Group

AIX Investment Group Reviews — International Financial Institution, providing advisory services specialized in Forex, Commodities and Digital Assets.

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