The principles of intelligent investing encourage investors to follow the smart money. Currently, many markets are at or near all-time highs. Many are regretfully looking back at the missed potential; others are only now beginning to invest in these markets in hopes of catching a continuing trend. But savvy investors who analyze future trends and anticipate revolutionary opportunities are already reaping the benefits and planning their following allocations.

Here are three trends you should be paying attention to if your goal is to invest in technologies and industries with real disruptive potential.

Deep Learning and automation

In the past, research…

Board Advisor’s Leadership Talk

We kickstarted 2021 with a solid Q1 performance.

Despite the impact of Covid-19, we maintained strong revenue levels. Thus, demonstrating the resilience of our industry and the robustness of our elite products and services. We continue to develop our teams and products in order to provide more efficient solutions for our investors and sustain our long-term growth. We intensified our marketing campaigns, enabling us to maximise investment recovery. Additionally, the optimisation of our Global Markets portfolio allows us to have a stronger focus and reduced complexity moving forward.

We remain confident in our long-term growth prospects…

For years forex has been very popular. However, in the current situation, we see its popularity become more relevant than ever.

There are many benefits to trading forex, which include high liquidity, amazing trading volume above 6 trillion USD daily, convenient trading hours (market is open 24/5), the ability to trade both directions — long and short; and the ability to trade on margin.

In addition to offering currency trading, regulated forex brokers also provide an opportunity to trade CFDs (contract for difference) on selected commodities, stocks, indices, and digital currencies. They also provide a variety of trading instruments, as…

Since 2007, World Finance has been celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance in their annual awards.

The judging panel of World Finance Investment Management Awards boasts over 230 years of financial and business journalism, supported by a research team that works round the clock to ensure the award winners are the most deserving in their sector.

Since day one we have strived to be the investment partner of choice. Once again, we show the dramatic change in the world has not moved us back, but awakened us to understand the shifting trends of the modern investor.

We’re honored to be recognized…

Board Advisor’s Leadership Talk

An eventful year has passed and a new one is about to come.

2020 was a fruitful year for AIX Investment Group. During the year, we saw our hard work result in the achievement of several important milestones to position AIX Investment Group for the future. These milestones represent significant progress in building our earnings streams, strengthening our capabilities, executing and expanding our project pipeline.

As a company, I am confident that we are on the right track: with all the infrastructure that has been put in place, by setting a solid foundation and scaling our…

Blockchain and Digital Assets are becoming the go-to technologies for everything from improving supply chains to improving governmental systems, so how can it make the difference to financial institutions?

If you believe that the digital world doesn’t concern you, and live by the ‘old belief’ keeping money in a sock, you are 10 years behind. Over the last ten years, we have seen blockchain gaining ground in financial services. Financial institutions are starting to see the technology’s power to provide robust and regulation-grade infrastructure, supporting the digital transformation of traditional financial assets and processes.

Digital world has become the investment…

Let’s get into the basic understanding of why investing is something that everyone should consider, working from 9 to 6 just to get by with your life and for many is hardly paying the bills, especially during those critical times. Humans by nature have tendency to avoid things they don’t understand, but worse is the fact to miss out on the opportunities unfolded.

If you want to build wealth and financial stability, investing is what will get you there. Investing is something that everyone should do. …

The effect of the election on the price of gold is a topic of passionate debate. It’s generally understood that the value of the US dollar correlates with the price of gold. A high dollar value means a lower price for gold while a weaker dollar means a higher price for gold.

Over the weekend the S&P 500 index climbed to a three-week high as election results appeared tilt towards Joe Biden, who’s victory pointed to a larger fiscal stimulus package and the potential to reshape US foreign policy. …

With the aim to pursue transparent business and display the accuracy of the figures we are achieving, we at AIX Investment Group have acquired audit reports from Emirates Chartered Accountants Group. The reports are audited from different trading accounts in different time frames from 2018–2020. The complete trading activity and trading result is proofed from an independent auditor, who is confirming the veracity of published figures.

What is a Financial Statement Audit?

Audit refers to examine and give comments on the items verified. Financial audit implies examination of the books of accounts and other relevant records. This will provide the…

Board Advisor’s Leadership Talk

On September 30th, we released our 2020 Q3 results. This was our second full quarter impacted by covid-19, and though this has certainly been a challenging third quarter of the year, we still delivered strong operational and safety results.

Beside the new normal that is shaping our new lifestyle, the way we communicate and the way we operate — there is a rising concern among populations of an uncertain economical future — what we call a new economical order. Awareness is rapidly changing, and I believe we are on the edge of fundamental reshaping of finance.

AIX Investment Group

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